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Monday, October 24, 2011


So I dont shoot as much as I probably should and I dont get in here and post as often as I should....but I am getting better on a few fronts :-)  I had a blast with the surreal shots and I was even bold enough to actually send  my flicker link to the Avi creators (based on a suggestion from Raindrop...*ty) Well they made those avi's to see just what people would come up with creatively with them. They liked the pics and added me to both of their for Meta_Body another for AMIW 'all my independent women' AMIW is an exhibit that one of the creators is actually working on in rl. So I logged into my flicker late last night to find an email from CapCat Ragu one of the creators asking my permission to use one of my photos in her exhibit in Austria! Being the happy lil camper I quickly responded with...Absolutely!!! I am quite excited about this and only wish I could actually go and see the exhibit, but will be just as happy to see and read about the event as it is posted. The exhibition flyer can be found on flicker along with many other amazing photographs from in world AMIW


Sunday, October 9, 2011

SL Sureal?

I was off doing one of my hunts the other day and ran into one of the store owners *great shop called Flood, some really cool sculpties and such*  Anywho I was telling her my idea about blogging all these cool hunts i do and taking pics of some of the amazing things I come home with *colt really has the patience of a saint dealing w all my shit strewn across the beach every morning :p*  So I log in today and she msg's me about some really wicked avi's at this place called Meta_Body. I take the tp and go check it out. WOW some really wild designs and what an imagination!! I had to have them all!! I head back home and try on the first one...oh yeah I gotta find a sim to shoot  these on. That is when I found the sim Zone. Could not have asked for a better location :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ok so I have been laying low. Taking some me time for a change. It funny how things change so easily and so quickly in this world. SL has been a roller coaster for most of my 2 years in here. All the fun i thought i was having was only making me more miserable. Big lights, Big city...the rockstar should be able to handle that right??  I never understood how all of these celebrities, had so many issues, depression, suicide, rehabs....feeling alone, no friends etc. After 2 years in SL i understand it...its all superficial. Filler, like empty calories you keep ingesting and then wondering why you do not feel so well. Seeing it and realizing it much like drugs and alcohol is the first step to recovery. Yeah it took me long enough but I found a great rehab and checked myself in. The ones who do matter were still there and finally pushed the doors open for me. It amazing out there. Something as simple as laying in a field watching the changing faces of the clouds, listening to the gentle rise and fall of someones chest, the steady beating of the heart, touches as gentle as the wind.....much more fulfilling and satisfying and top it all off....ya dont feel sick after ;)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I have recently had the pleasure of meeting a new comer to the group...Ms. Alisha Cedarbridge. I was fortunate enough to get her attention and she wrangles me into doing a shoot for her. As I dragged my feet upon returning to sl she was just what I need to get my creative juices flowing ;-) hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed shooting them :) I have to give a very special Thanks to Lestat Draconia for stepping up and helping us out with a few shots!!  His hard body does come in handy ;).

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the times, they are a changing...

Ok so I have been offline for a few weeks and I am finally back!! have seen so many new people in our lil group of talented playmates..which is very good to see, only I feel a bit like a noob again lol. So many new names and faces and as always some amazing work has been coming out. I will be getting back to doing more pictures and looking to releasing a new publication or 2. One for all of our amazing photographers and another for my swingers resort. Things are finally under way and the new resort layout is amazing. Am looking forward to seeing you all again soon...I think were all over due for a PS group party!! Maybe if we are lucky enough we can even talk one of our sexiest to come dj for us ;)   Growlzzzzzzz

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A lil bit about me...

Hey all...most of you probably know me and half of you have probably heard of me. More then likely 1/2 of what you have heard is actually true :-) For those of you who is a lil crash course.

My main gig here in SL is Sim and land rentals. SL is actually an RL job for me. So yeah kind of digging working in my jammies & hangin w all you sexy fuckers and getting paid for it :-p On the fun side of  SL I am a photographer, and forever taking pictures that I do not post as often as I probably should. Hopefully this will help that along a bit. When not playing with smoke and mirrors I am at Maui Swingers Resort 'my baby' relaxing w the locals, or off building or creating an environment somewhere on the grid. Have recently gotten into breeding horses, and enjoy the peace that they bring. It only took me a year to find out what all the damm fuss was about :-p and yeah I know  After a year in SL and a few months in PS Group..*which for some reason just screams group therapy*..I have finally found my spot...The V Spot. Joining forces with Veir and forming VRotic Arts. A place for films, photos and friends.

"Love me or hate me I am still here, and I don't plan on going anywhere"     ;-)

Maui Mornings
Relaxing on the ranch

Our home sim
To be continued....

Monday, April 11, 2011


Not sure where to start or if I will even continue. But for what its worth here I am...Roxie Davidov
 I have been put into so many categories and called many things, and in the end I am just me. Trying like the rest of us to just make it through, survive another day, and get somewhere, accomplish something. Maybe here I will find my never know until you try right? Want more of the story? Want to join my journey through this fucked up world? Stick around... I have a feeling things are about to get very interesting ;-)