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Monday, October 24, 2011


So I dont shoot as much as I probably should and I dont get in here and post as often as I should....but I am getting better on a few fronts :-)  I had a blast with the surreal shots and I was even bold enough to actually send  my flicker link to the Avi creators (based on a suggestion from Raindrop...*ty) Well they made those avi's to see just what people would come up with creatively with them. They liked the pics and added me to both of their for Meta_Body another for AMIW 'all my independent women' AMIW is an exhibit that one of the creators is actually working on in rl. So I logged into my flicker late last night to find an email from CapCat Ragu one of the creators asking my permission to use one of my photos in her exhibit in Austria! Being the happy lil camper I quickly responded with...Absolutely!!! I am quite excited about this and only wish I could actually go and see the exhibit, but will be just as happy to see and read about the event as it is posted. The exhibition flyer can be found on flicker along with many other amazing photographs from in world AMIW


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